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We are MONSON.

With over 40 years of experience, we know that shipping isn’t just about moving cargo from A to B. It's about everything in between and beyond. It's the unknown and the unexpected. It’s about minimising risk and building trusted relationships that make the journey smoother.

At MONSON we’re for thinking beyond the A to B with technology and innovation that works harder and goes further. We live and breathe shipping. As expert port agents and shipping advisers with our head office based in Fremantle, Western Australia, and our 30+ offices across Australia and Asia, we know we deliver something that not everyone can offer – reliability, reassurance, and real-time support and decision-making that goes beyond the port.

We are Monson.

Experienced Global Shipping Specialists.

We deliver world-class shipping solutions and services to top-tier commodity clients across the globe. We're driven by our industry-leading innovation, experience, and technology.

Beyond the Port.


Our people are highly-experienced professionals who passionately believe in providing our customers with outstanding services and solutions. It's what makes MONSON collectively unique, trusted as a company, and united as a team.


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Monique Costantino

Business Manager

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