MONSON firmly believe that the success of any shipment –– especially for miners commencing operations –– begins well before the point most reach out for shipping advice. We use a combination of our 40-plus years of experience, technology, and network connections to provide comfort, a sense of trust, and to educate on the best approaches to shipping, even beyond the port. We do this as early on as possible, as we know it will benefit miners in the long run.

How we help.

Once a shipment has taken place, we continue to offer market intelligence, daily schedules, information on port maintenance, weather information, and any industry data points. We believe a continuous and ongoing relationship that provides value is essential to our clients achieving better and more profitable shipments year on year.

MONSON follow a 'beyond the port' ideology, which means we're proud to support and advise you across the entire shipment process. As you approach your first shipment, we work with you to ensure you've got the right information, schedules, and advice on various 'cargo readiness' factors. We manage port schedules, book port services, provide documentation, and keep you in the loop on changes in port and at sea.

We provide up-to-the-minute guidance on key factors well in advance of your shipment. As you mine, there are a number of important milestones to consider in planning and predicting your approach to shipment. For example, government regulations, and permits that may be required in advance. We work with you to attain the right approvals, documentation, and help connect you with the right service providers (where required).

MONSON advise on your shipment strategy –– often in advance of even breaking ground. We provide up-to-date information on all the possibilities around achieving an efficient, cost-effective, and smooth shipment. Our experience and teams around Australia give you access to detailed information on each port, the best loading processes (rotainer, loader or transhipment), and various other tactical shipment strategies and options to facilitate the best outcome for you.

MONSON have been trusted partners for many years as we can rely on them to act with openness and integrity. Issues have been communicated effectively and promptly dealt with.

Ben Hooper — Sales Manager

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Does Monson’s network extend into China?

Yes it does. Over the past 3 years we have slowly been expanding our presence in China to assist our customers as and where required. We are now attending to approximately 100 vessel port calls per month across China and this figure is expanding every month.

Does Monson have an office in each Chinese Port?

No, due to the vast number of Chinese ports, MONSON do not physically hold offices in each port. MONSON will appoint a local renowned agent in the port of discharge in which they will communicate with. You will only have one point of contact in China and will not need to keep track of who is who in every Chinese port. We will do that for you.

How do I nominate Monson as my agent in China?

In your charter party/contract with the ship owner you must request "Charterer's agents at discharge', this will allow you the option to nominate Monson Agencies China as the discharge agent.

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