Empowering global companies who trade commodities is a core focus of our business. MONSON have the largest documentation team in the industry, backed by advanced estimation, accounting, and communication systems that integrate directly into our customers' platforms. Our ability to provide extensive market intelligence and unique insights is a point of difference that we are also extremely proud of. We think beyond the port and provide that value to every single one of our customers 24/7, 365-days-a-year.

How we help.

With over 40 years of experience, MONSON have a well-established track record of customer-centric operations. That's why we've positioned our 24/7, 365-days-a-year team and head office — the MONSON Hub —in Fremantle, Western Australia, which allows us to be more present across Asia and closer to Europe. Our approach centres wholly on empowering our customers through information delivered by industry-leading technology and systems. For us, it's about data, efficiency, and delivering our services in a way that exceeds customer expectations.

MONSON's digital transformation makes us one of the most technologically advanced in the industry. It also makes us a significant force in servicing our customers before, during, and beyond the port. For us, technology is the way forward for an industry that, in many cases, is lagging. We believe our customers benefit from a more open, transparent, and informed approach to shipping. As part of our technology push, we've invested in advanced communication, estimation, data analytics, documentation, and various integration capabilities that have been successfully deployed.

MONSON have built on a solid foundation of providing outstanding service to our customers. A philosophy successfully implemented over our 40-plus year history since being founded by Mr Dale Monson in 1981.

Our partnership with MONSON started with the inception of our shipping programme in December 2014. Over this time, we have been impressed with MONSON’s support and dedication to servicing our port agency needs.

David Kelly

Manager Shipping | Roy Hill Iron Ore


Does Monson’s network extend into China?

Yes it does. Over the past 3 years we have slowly been expanding our presence in China to assist our customers as and where required. We are now attending to approximately 100 vessel port calls per month across China and this figure is expanding every month.

Does Monson have an office in each Chinese Port?

No, due to the vast number of Chinese ports, MONSON do not physically hold offices in each port. MONSON will appoint a local renowned agent in the port of discharge in which they will communicate with. You will only have one point of contact in China and will not need to keep track of who is who in every Chinese port. We will do that for you.

How do I nominate Monson as my agent in China?

In your charter party/contract with the ship owner you must request "Charterer's agents at discharge', this will allow you the option to nominate Monson Agencies China as the discharge agent.

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