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Protective Agency Service

With any port call, there are many stakeholders involved. With Monson as your protecting agent we will ensure that cargo operations do not conflict with the ship owner’s interests.

Under a protective agency service appointment, Monson will:

1. Acknowledge the appointment with accurate estimated port costs, relevant port and berth information and the vessel’s expected schedule.

2. We can, at your request, appoint and place the charterer’s agent in funds, in order to supervise expenditure and ensure port costs are minimised.

3. We can control all reporting so that the charterer’s agents report only to us, enabling us to check the accuracy of the information and relay it to concerned parties.

4. We will make regular berth visits to ensure all requirements are being followed and that the charterer’s agents are meeting the owner’s requirements.

5. We can arrange clearance and delivery of spare parts and make arrangements for all crew changes.

6. In the event the vessel fails hold inspection, we can also arrange shore labour to rectify the issues and have the vessel load ready.

Monson Agencies Protective Agency graphic